Backend Engineer

Atlanta, GA | Full-Time

CapWay is a fintech startup that is seeking to hire a backend engineer who has extensive experience with Node.js and MongoDB.

As a backend engineer for CapWay it will be your job to extend CapWay's backend infrastructure by creating new and managing existing RESTful microservices.

  • Extend and maintain CapWay's microservices using NodeJS in JavaScript/Typescript
  • Integrate external APIs from various vendors that CapWay by creating endpoints that can be consumed by CapWay's mobile and web applications.
  • Work directly with product leads, CTO, and other relevant stakeholders to coordinate the development of all of CapWay's applications in alignment with CapWay’s development roadmap/timelines.
  • Continuously perform end-to-end tests of CapWay’s backend using CI/CD tools (e.g. Travis, CircleCI, or Jenkins).
  • Create extensive documentation and other technical documents.
  • Work to improve and maintain the code health of all of our software; Help maintain code quality, organization, and automatization
  • Ensure the performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications
  • Collaborate with a team to define, design, and ship new features
Ideal Candidate
  • Strong knowledge MongoDB, Docker, and Nodes.js
  • Has deep understanding of constructing microservices
  • Understand repeatable automated processes for building the application, test it, document it, and deploy it at scale
  • General knowledge of unit testing or test driven development
  • Can write clean, performant code
  • Ability to gather requirements and provide accurate and realistic project milestones and timelines for completion
  • Successfully perform any coding tests or challenges as required
  • Deliver on time as discussed and clearly communicate any changes in deadlines as soon as possible
  • Work closely with, and incorporate feedback from, product designers and other stakeholders in the company
  • Good in communication - written and verbal communication skills
  • Can work in a fast-paced start-up environment
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related fields, OR 3+ years in deploying production grade applications.
  • Strong proficiency in NodeJS and JavaScript/TypeScript.
  • Highly familiar with using MongoDB and Redis
  • Should have an understanding of Docker (i.e. creating/interacting with containers/images)
  • Demonstrate the ability to deploy and develop fast and robust backends using various caching techniques and optimizations.
  • Should understand how to use package managers (e.g. NPM and Bower)
  • Have a good understanding of microservices.
  • Be able to document code extensively and in a way that includes 1) how to use/import/port the code you’ve developed 2) create descriptions about relevant methods/arguments/responses.
  • Have worked extensively with workflow management software such as JIRA, Asana, or Trello.
  • Must have a high degree of understanding of how to use code revision software such as GIT through Github.
  • Bonus if the candidate has experience using Kubernetes, Cassandra, and/or Apache Kafka
The CapWay Cause

CapWay is a mobile-first, venture-funded financial technology startup with a social impact plus component. We are a for-profit company who is here to build a revenue-generating company while also changing lives for the better. CapWay was founded to create access and opportunity for Gen-Z and millennials in LMI (lower to moderate income) communities. Whether it is due to living in a banking desert, rural area, or inner city, CapWay is here to provide the necessary financial opportunity to those who come from communities or families who have been mainly cash-based, unbanked, underbanked, or dependent on the predatory economy. We understand that not everyone has been given the same opportunity in learning money and building generational wealth. CapWay is providing the services, analyzing data, and continuing to improve or develop new products and services to become the untraditional financial ecosystem.

To apply for this position, please email your résumé to

The CapWay, Inc Debit Visa Card is issued by Metropolitan Commercial Bank (Member FDIC) pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. “Metropolitan Commercial Bank” and “Metropolitan” are registered trademarks of Metropolitan Commercial Bank ©2014.

1. For Money Account holders with a negative balance, the CapWay debit card will go into freeze until funds are deposited to bring account back to current. See terms and conditions

2. Sending or receiving money from other CapWay account holders will be instant. Transfers from other accounts could take up to 48 hours, depending on the financial institution.

3. Early access to funds requires direct deposit. Early payment is not guaranteed and is dependent on the timing of payer's submission of deposits. We generally post such deposits on the day they are received which may be up to 2 days earlier than the payer's scheduled payment date.

4. Money Goals allows account holders to save money towards financial goals created within the CapWay platform. Funds can be transferred from your Money Account or saved through the rounding up of your transactions from purchases.

5. CapWay offers financial content through Learn Money free of charge, but may include advertisements through affiliates. Phunds, CapWay's literacy program and session, is paid content or co-branded content.

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