Six Financial Lessons From Popular Superheroes

Posted by Sha'Kreshia Terrell in EntertainmentJuly 20, 2022(Last Updated July 29, 2022)4 min read
Key Takeaways
  • There are powerful money lessons that our everyday heroes teach us.
  • Teaching your children financial literacy is beneficial for their growth. You can also teach them about money by using their favorite superhero as an example.
  • Educate yourself on money to set yourself and your family up for long-term financial success.
Are you ready to make some real money moves?

Superheroes are multi-talented. They dedicate their time to making the world a better place, save innocent people from villains, and they also have hidden lessons that teach people about financial literacy. Keep reading to find out what these four superheroes taught me about money. 


Black Panther


T’Challa and Shuri, who are siblings, are heirs to the beautiful country of Wakanda. Wakanda is located in East Africa and is known for its valuable assets. A highly sought-after asset in Wakanda (and many other Marvel movies)  is Vibranium, which is a (fictional) rare, naturally occurring metallic substance. It is also what the citizens of Wakanda used to develop advanced technology that helped the country pose as a third-world country for many years.


Black Panther Model, Marvel Superhero

Image Credit: Sarunyu L /


T’Challa learns about his father’s death and returns to Wakanda to take his place as the rightful king. But unfortunately, the news spreads about the king’s recent death, and soon the enemies arrive to take over before the new heir takes the throne.


Shuri and T’Challa trained all of their lives for this moment. Before their father’s death, he constantly threw challenges at them to ensure they were strong enough to defeat them.


The lessons that Shuri and T’Challa learned from their father were valuable came, and T’Challa defeated his enemies while protecting his beautiful country.


Generational Wealth


Black Panther a couple of powerful financial lessons that included passing down generational wealth and the importance of protecting your assets while educating your children throughout the process.




Peter Parker, also known as Spider-Man, gained supernatural powers after being bitten by a genetically-altered spider. As a result, he gains superhuman strength and the spider-like ability to cling to any surface.


Spider-Man Marvel Superhero

Image Credit: Alexander Tolstykh /


After watching the horrific death of his beloved Uncle Ben, he vowed to use his abilities to fight crime. He kept his Uncle Ben’s words close to his heart: “With great power comes great responsibility.”


Money Mindset


One money lesson that we can learn from Spider-Man is that having a strong mindset is essential when seeking financial freedom. Getting and maintaining financial wealth is impossible if you aren’t mentally prepared.


Financial Responsibility 


Another money lesson is the more money you earn, the more responsibility you will have. It’s crucial to ensure your money is going to the right places, such as toward your savings, investment, and retirement accounts. If you take care of your money now, your money will take care of you later on in life. 


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Iron Man


Tony Stark was a billionaire industrialist and master engineer who had been kidnapped by a terrorist group. Tony held a lot of power and wealth, which was passed down to him after his father passed away.


The terrorist group ordered Stark to build a Jericho missile, but instead, he took it upon himself to build an iron suit that would protect him if he wanted to escape. He wanted not only to protect himself but to protect those around him.


Iron Man Marvel Superhero

Image Credit: Sarunyu L /


Tony developed three different versions of his armor to protect himself. Through the process of trial and error, he developed each suit better than the one he made the first time. The iron man suit turned him into a superhero, and soon, he was able to escape captivity.


Diversify Your Income


The money lesson that Iron Man teaches is the importance of diversity when it comes to investing. Diversifying your portfolio minimizes the risk of loss even if one source of income decreases. It also has the potential to maximize income in other areas aside from the area where your income decreases.


The Power of an Estate Plan


Another money lesson is the power of having an estate plan. An estate plan is a form of insurance for your loved ones to let them know they are financially protected if something happens to you. 


Death is inevitable, no one is excluded from it. However, we can protect our children, spouse, parents, and so on if we put our financial affairs in order before the unthinkable happens.


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Bruce Wayne, known to us as Batman, was a superhero who worked alongside police to investigate a corrupt political system. He came from a very successful and wealthy family. After his parent’s untimely death, Batman worked alongside his butler Alfred who gave him sound advice.


Batman quickly and easily inherited his parent’s fortune after they died. The money lesson we can learn from Batman is the importance of planning for your children’s future. Two vital documents are a will and trust. This will dictate where your assets will go once you die.


Batman DC Comics Bruce Wayne

Image Credit: Krikkiat /


The Importance of a Will


A will is a prewritten plan that instructs the courts on how you want your estate to be handled after you die. The will can include personal bank information, property, guardianship over your children, and much more.


A will or an estate plan, which can include a trust and a will, can decrease family drama and save time and money by avoiding probate court.


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The Money Wrap-Up


We can all learn from our everyday superheroes. One of the common denominators of each superhero is the power of the mind. Therefore, a strong mindset is vital when achieving financial freedom. Without a strong mind, you will continue making bad financial choices.


Educate yourself on finances to set yourself and your family up for long-term financial success.


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