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Your attitudes and history with money may have a bigger impact on your financial habits than you may think. Money Scripts  are core beliefs about money that guides your financial behavior. Your money scripts are usually set in childhood and shape your financial decisions as an adult. The four money scripts are money avoidance, money worship, money status, and money vigilance. 

If you are not aware of their influence, then your money scripts can keep you from reaching your financial goals. You have the power to change your money narrative. Here are three strategies to help you reach your goals regardless of your money script: 

Know Your Money Script 

The first step to change is understanding how your money script impacts your relationship with money. Check out this article for an overview of the money scripts. 

Once you identify your money script, the next step is to identify situations that trigger unhealthy responses. For example, not feeling in control of your finances may push you to the avoidance money script. 

Get Real About Your Money

You must work on your money script by getting real about your  financial standing. Take a look at your numbers, understand where you are, and set financial goals to help you improve your finances. 

You can get started by diagnosing your budget, starting to track expenses, understanding if your debt is too high, or setting a savings goal

Work on Your Mindset 

Your money scripts thrive when you don’t feel good about your finances. Work on developing a growth mindset when it comes to your money. Celebrate the successes (big or small) and work on getting better when you fall short of your goals. 

If you make a regular habit of setting and evaluating your financial goals, then that can help your money mindset. It allows you to remain grounded in your numbers and goals instead of allowing unhelpful narratives to run your actions. 

If you need a quick boost with your money mindset, then make a list of your financial accomplishments. Remember, you are capable of creating positive change in your life. 

What helps you to overcome your money scripts? 

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