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Key Takeaways
  • Okeeba Jubalo is the Founder and CEO of Okeeba Jubalo Fine Art Gallery, located in North Charleston, South Carolina, and is known as the South’s premier African American fine art gallery.
  • As a special guest on Culture Meets Money, Okeeba Jubalo discussed how people could invest and profit from fine art.
  • Art investments are a subject that is now becoming popular by way of NFTs. However, having a physical piece of art can prove to be just as valuable, if not more.
Are you ready to make some real money moves?

Okeeba Jubalo is the Founder and CEO of NobleSol Art Group and Okeeba Jubalo Fine Art Gallery. Along with running multiple successful businesses, Jubalo is a multidisciplinary artist with decades of experience in creating and selling fine art pieces. Jubalo is an expert within the art industry. So, CapWay asked him to join the Culture Meets Money series to discuss the value of art, supporting artists, and how people can invest and profit from fine art.



Art is a Financial Asset 


“You can have a Thom Bess, you can have a Jerushia Graham, any of these artists that are in the gallery now, who are proven, tried, and true, and if we decide to put them in those spaces, then we can control the value.” - Okeeba Jubalo “Culture Meets Money”


Art is considered a long-term investment because it is a tangible (physical) asset. Art isn't influenced by the economy’s market fluctuations, so your artwork is still protected when the market isn’t performing at its best. Although NFTs are rising in popularity, it’s still a new development that continues to gain traction. However, physical art is more established and can be considered a trusted investment based on the value signals of the artwork.


The value of an art piece can rise significantly based on the artist. Depending on the artist, the artwork can sell for thousands or millions of dollars. For example, artwork by Okeeba Jubalo has sold (and continues to sell) for thousands of dollars.


Okeeba Jubalo standing inside his fine art gallery, Okeeba Jubalo Fine Art Gallery

Image Credit: Katrina S. Crawford

Okeeba Jubalo standing inside his fine art gallery, Okeeba Jubalo Fine Art Gallery. 

In the Instagram Live interview with CapWay’s Founder and CEO, Sheena Allen, Okeeba explains how consumers and artists have the power to control the value of the art market, which can help artists sell their paintings. With art being a major influence in the Black culture, Okeeba explains how important it is for people to educate themselves about the history of fine art and ways to help invest in the art to help shape and control its value.

The right piece of artwork can be a significant financial investment or a family heirloom that can be used as a tool to gain generational wealth. The billionaire rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z rapped in his classic 4:44 album about art, the inflation of art pieces over time, and passing down the artwork he bought to his children.

I bought some artwork for one million, Two years later, that [expletive] worth two million, few years later, that [expletive] worth eight million, I can't wait to give this [expletive] to my children” - Jay-Z, “The Story of O.J.”

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Think of Your Artwork Like a Business 


“I would say one of the biggest things that artists should do is look at [their art] like a business. Separate the passion. Look at it like a business.” - Okeeba Jubalo “Culture Meets Money”


At the forefront of the art industry, Okeeba is dismantling the “starving artist” narrative and helping Black artists thrive beyond their wildest dreams through education and mentorship. For an artist, it’s easy to focus on the passion for creating art without considering the business side. But, an artist needs to take the proper steps if they desire to build a successful art career. Those steps can include finding the right mentor and understanding different sales practices.


Okeeba Jubalo Fine Art Gallery

Image Credit: Okeeba Jubalo 

Photo of the Okeeba Jubalo Fine Art Gallery. 

Art and business must coincide for an artist to earn income from their work. Thankfully, Okeeba has helped hundreds of artists learn the ropes to becoming successful entrepreneurs


Through his company, NobleSol Art Group, Okeeba has enabled artists to realize the importance of branding and marketing to gain the right clientele. Additionally, the Okeeba Jubalo Fine Art Gallery has showcased several artists in the gallery, which in turn has helped propel artists' careers. 

If you are interested in investing in fine art, reach out to Okeeba Jubalo Fine Art Gallery to find out more. 


Watch the full Culture Meets Money video on YouTube!

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