Finding Your Why Behind the Numbers

Posted by CapWay in MindsetOctober 24, 2019(Last Updated December 30, 2022)2 min read
Key Takeaways
  • ​On the surface, fixing your finances seems like a logical numbers game.
  • Working on your money involves understanding the numbers.
  • Personal finance requires a motivation to push through even when life throws everything it can at you.
Are you ready to make some real money moves?

​On the surface, fixing your finances seems like a logical numbers game. You can reach financial freedom even if diving into the nitty-gritty of interest rates isn’t appealing.


Working on your money involves understanding the numbers. But, it also takes an incredible amount of faith in prosperity yet seen. Personal finance requires a motivation to push through even when life throws everything it can at you. For people who are more motivated by feelings and big ideas, take a step back before diving into the numbers and define why you want to work on money in the first place. When you define your purpose, this becomes your way to remain grounded when the numbers get overwhelming, and you want to give up.


There are two steps to understanding your purpose with money:

Ground Yourself In Your Root Purpose

Setting personal and meaningful goals is the key to your financial success. Don’t just say, “I need to save more.”---dig deeper into understanding what saving will give you. Maybe emergency savings allow you to create financial stability that was missing in your childhood or make you feel more independent from a job that doesn’t make you happy.

Your root purpose is not just about your needs; it can be about your wants as well. A balanced budget and stacked savings account may allow you to afford a reasonably priced vacation each year. Perhaps you want to get your finances together so that you can splurge every once in a while.


When you are defining your root purpose, you want to list:


  • How financial stability will make you feel in the long-run
  • What you will be able to do with your newfound financial freedom


2. Plan For Your Immediate Needs

Your immediate why is the issue that keeps you up at night or impacts your everyday life. Examples of immediate purposes are:



Your first financial goals will address your immediate why. You may have more than one immediate why, depending on your situation. But you want to focus it down to 1-2 major goals that you want to address. Taking on too much at once can become too overwhelming. You want to focus on one or two primary goals at a time.

Although you will work on your immediate needs, you are taking the initial steps to make your root purpose a reality. As you continue to grow on your financial journey, you will move closer to your Root Purpose.


Make a big deal about your why. Write it down and post it up somewhere in your house—journal about it. Tell the people that you trust about your intention. Do whatever it takes to make it real for you. Then, get to work on making sure your financial plans and goals match your purpose.


Assessing your immediate, why can be scary at first, but when you take the first step to positively impact your finances, it is so much more rewarding.

Chat with us, what are some of your immediate why’s on why you want to improve your finances?

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