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Motivate then hustle

Many people assume that you just have to decide to make a change and be dedicated to see it through to be successful. This method is unrealistic for most people--we aren’t robots. To reach success, switch from assuming that you will make the right choices just because you should.

First, focus on what motivates you then put some hustle behind your goals. Some people thrive on a sense of competition while others need to be connected to how reaching a money goal will make them feel. Consider what motivates you best and use that to help you create a plan to reach your goals. You can then repeat your motivation to yourself whenever you are faced with the temptation to make a financial decision that will take you off course.

Focus on small changes

Change takes time. When we set goals, we can easily expect radical change. If you have ever completed any type of diet challenge, then you understand. Going from eating sugar every day to a 30 day sugar fast is a BIG change. Most people cannot make it through. Or, if they complete the challenge, they make up for all the sugar that they missed during their period of restriction.

A focus on small tweaks may actually lead to real behavior change.

There are a number of scientifically proven strategies that can help you start small:

Habit Stacking

With this strategy, you add the habit you are trying to adopt onto a good habit that you already have. For example, let’s say you want to be better about setting a budget. If you already have the habit of checking your bank app when your paycheck direct deposits into your account then you can stack onto it by setting up your budget at that time.

The 2 min rule

Commit to doing the new behavior for two minutes a day. By doing something for a short amount of time frequently, you are slowly setting a habit. Plus, you will eventually find it hard to stick to just the two minutes that you committed to completing.

Temptation Bundling

With this strategy, you pair the new habit or something you don’t like to do with an action that you enjoy. For example, if you are the type to forget to pay your bills, then you could tie paying your bills to your favorite show of the week. You could log onto to pay all your bills right before your favorite show airs. Or, you could pay bills during each commercial break. Over time, you will associate an activity you actually like with the task that is necessary but not as fun.

Track your progress

If you didn’t track it then it didn’t happen. Tracking your progress helps you improve on the process of setting, planning, and achieving your goals. Figure out what method works best for you. If you like to write things down, then get a notebook to set goals and track your journey. If you live on your phone, then use your phone’s calendar, reminders, or note app to help you keep track.

When you track goals, you are getting real with yourself by creating a clear picture of what works and what doesn’t work. It can also be motivating to watch your progress. On those days where you may feel frustrated and unaccomplished, it may help to take a look back at your tracker of choice and remind yourself where you started and how much you have really improved.

What tricks help you reach your goals? Leave a comment below or chat with us on social via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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