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Dealing with Student loans are can be overwhelming. But there is one tactic that can make your life a whole lot easier: 


Let's say wanted to drive to a state you've never visited before. Would you hop into  your car, start driving and hope that you get to your destination? That sounds like a trip to nowhere. Instead of guessing, you would get a GPS to help you find your way. 

The same logic applies to your debt pay down plan. Your numbers help you to create the plan that leads you to your destination of being debt free. When it comes to student loans, people either start paying and hope for the best. Or, they avoid the loans until they can't anymore. Both methods are a recipe for disaster--they may cost you money at the end of the day and certainly add more stress to your life. 

When you know your numbers, things start to shift. You are put in the power position and you can choose the best move from a number of options. You start to understand where you are going and can more easily adjust when roadblocks come up. 

We get it, understanding student loan options is like learning a new language. Also, the math is pretty intimidating. But the best thing that you can do is to use the power of understanding your numbers to your advantage. To do so, you will need:

    -Your Student Loan Information - Your balances, interest rates, and minimum       payments

    -Your Budget - Your income, expenses, savings balance, and surplus (if applicable)

Once you have gathered this information, then go ahead and plug them into a student loan calculator. There are tons of free options available to help you on the internet. Here are three calculators that can get you started. 

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