Celebrating 5 Black Financial Influencers for 2022

Posted by Nailah Herbert in InfluencersFebruary 7, 2022(Last Updated November 24, 2022)4 min read
Key Takeaways
  • CapWay is celebrating Black History Month by sharing the entrepreneurial stories of five Black financial influencers.
  • Our featured influencers aim to shift the narrative and shape the future of the financial industry for the better.
  • Throughout the year, we highlight Black entrepreneurs, creators, and financial educators' work by inviting them to our Culture Meets Money show.
Are you ready to make some real money moves?

CapWay is celebrating Black History Month by sharing the entrepreneurial stories of five Black financial influencers, also known as fin-fluencers, who are etching their names in the financial education space. 


As we celebrate these financial influencers and all their accomplishments, we encourage our readers to learn more about each of them. Our featured influencers aim to shift the narrative and shape the future of the financial industry for the better.


Anjie and RJ, Founders of Rich By Intention 


Millennial married couple, Anjie and RJ, provide other married couples with the financial tools and resources to save, invest, and become debt-free through intention. In addition, their transparency in paying off student loan debt gained the attention of thousands. 


Now that Anjie and RJ are debt-free, they are on the path to achieving financial independence. They are sharing their best tips on how other couples can become debt-free and build wealth by being intentional about their long-term financial goals.


Image Credit: Anjie and RJ


The Rich by Intention Podcast, hosted by Anjie and RJ, is an award-nominated podcast that inspires others to live the life they desire. Anjie and RJ are shining examples of how Black couples can grow stronger together as they tackle debt, normalize money conversations, and build wealth for the next generation.


“What we love most is that we empower couples to manage their money with intention. Once you take control of your finances, you can start to build wealth to pass on to future generations and change your family’s legacy. Rich by Intention is so much deeper than money; our hope is that we encourage couples to be rich in their marriage, rich in purpose, rich in life, and ultimately rich by intention.” - Anjie and RJ


Resource: Read more about Anjie and RJ here: www.richbyintention.com 


Ash Cash, Founder of Ash Cash Enterprises 


Ash Cash started his professional career as a bank teller and quickly rose in the ranks. He learned about the traditional banking system and how there was a lack of financial access for people of color. He soon became one of the most sought-after financial educators teaching adults, teenagers, and children about entrepreneurship, wealth-building strategies, and personal finance.


Image Credit: Ash Cash


Ash shares his knowledge across multiple platforms, including his own. He created the show, Inside The Vault, which is featured frequently on the Earn Your Leisure social media page. (Earn Your Leisure is a financial education media platform founded by the duo Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings). Inside The Vault is a show where Ash talks with various people such as business owners, artists like Kandi Burruss, and more who have a note-worthy story where they share their money gems.


He is also an author helping others learn about financial literacy through hip-hop music, most notably writing about the teachings of rappers and business moguls Jay-Z and Nipsey Hussle. 


Resource: Read more about Ash Cash here: www.iamashcash.com 


Tonya Rapley, Founder and CEO of My Fab Finance


Tonya Rapley is a millennial money expert, mom, wife, and entrepreneur on a journey to help others turn their financial situation into a fabulous one. She created her business and social media platforms to share her financial journey with the world and teach others about financial education.


Image Credit: Tonya Rapley


Tonya recently posted about one of her biggest accomplishments, where she reached her first million-dollar year as an entrepreneur in 2021. She is transparent about her financial accomplishments and has inspired others to work hard to create their own financial success story and to know that becoming a millionaire is possible.


“I love empowering people to make decisions that help them reclaim their power.” - Tonya Rapley


Recommended Read: How to Make Intentional Money Decisions | Culture Meets Money with Tonya Rapley


Resource: Read more about Tonya Rapley here: www.myfabfinance.com 


Marc Russell, Founder of BetterWallet


Marc Russell comes from humble beginnings. He was brought up in the foster care system and eventually adopted at the age of 13. He learned about earning money through his childhood side hustles like shoveling snow and washing cars. 


As a college student, he finances his way through school by working odd jobs. After graduating from college, he landed a job as a Financial Executive on Wall Street.


Image Credit: Marc Russell


Although he accomplished major feats throughout the many obstacles he endured, he grew to have a passion for helping others become financially literate and stable. As a result, he launched his business BetterWallet in 2019 to create an inclusive community to assist others with their financial missions.


“The best part of my job is the ability to help everyday people reach their financial goals. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing someone say they started investing for their kids or how my education helped them escape credit card debt. The goal is to help people make better money decisions, and I’m proud to be part of that mission!” - Marc Russell


Resource: Read more about Marc Russell here: www.thebetterwallet.com 


Dasha Kennedy, Founder of Broke Black Girl


The Broke Black Girl was created by entrepreneur and mother Dasha Kennedy. She created the platform to provide a community of culturally relevant financial literacy resources to enable African American women to become better with their money.


Dasha gives her audience valuable tips on how to become financially successful. She is always willing to share information on her social media pages which has helped motivate her to stay encouraged on her financial journey. Her most notable tips include helping Black women create healthy boundaries, increasing their emergency funds, building wealth, setting financial goals, and so on.


As she strives to create equal financial opportunities for Black women, everyone else is taking notice and taking notes. Dasha is dominating the financial education space and continues to contribute her knowledge to uplift and empower Black women. 


Resource: Read more about Dasha Kennedy here: www.thebrokeblackgirl.com 


Support Black Creators Year-Round


Although February is Black History Month, and many choose to celebrate Black voices during the one-month period, at CapWay, we strongly support these voices year-round. Throughout the year, we highlight Black entrepreneurs, creators, and financial educators' work by inviting them to our Culture Meets Money show.



To learn more about our Culture Meets Money initiatives, visit our Instagram page (@gocapway) or events page.

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