Ten States to Easily Land a Job Interview

Posted by Matin Varshochi in CareerJune 14, 2022(Last Updated July 29, 2022)4 min read
Key Takeaways
  • When the pandemic initially began, many non-essential businesses began allowing their employees to work remotely.
  • The evolution of working from home opened pathways that allow people to apply for jobs across the country without necessarily having to move closer to their place of work. 
  • Below is a table showcasing the states with the lowest unemployment rate; showcasing the demand for work and the possibility of an easier process when applying.
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When the COVID-19 pandemic initially hit, the majority of employees at some companies began working remotely until they were cleared to return to the office. The integration of work flexibility allowed employees to continue working and earning money while being in the comfort of their homes. Additionally, this evolution in the job market helped job seekers search for jobs in their local communities and throughout all 50 states to find one that perfectly matched their skill set. 

Top 10 States with the Most Job Opportunities


Below is a table of the top 10 states with that some of the lowest unemployment rates and can be considered some of the best states for employment. The statistics disclosed were attained from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the United States Congress Joint Economic Committee


Unemployment Rate

Labor Force Participation Rate
















New Hampshire



South Dakota









North Dakota



















The main benefit of choosing to work in a state that is ranked highly is the number of opportunities. Per the table, these states have some of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, and a high employment level showcases the demand desired by the listed states. Thus, the high demand typically correlates with employment growth and job growth in the coming years; and getting into an upcoming market earlier rather than later will reap more benefits.

Image Credit: fizkes / Shutterstock.com


How to Maximize Chances of Getting a Job


Before meeting with a hiring manager in person, one of the first ways they are introduced to you is through your resume. A resume that helps you stand out from the rest is a key differentiating factor between getting the job and not. Below are some ways to help build and take your resume to the next level. 




Before beginning to write the resume's contents, using resume builder websites such as Zety and Resume Genius is crucial to find an eye-catching template. On average, a hiring manager looks at a manager for six to seven seconds, so before they even have a chance to look at your resume in detail, you have to create a wow factor to make them intrigued and continue reading.




This section should be minimal and concise. Use this space to make it clear to the hiring manager your goals regarding the position being offered. As managers do not have a lot of time to scan resumes, it is important to utilize this section to get them interested and increase your chances of securing an interview. 


Past Experiences


The “Past Experiences” section is arguably the most important part of your resume. If a hiring manager is considering moving forward with your application, your past experiences will help convince them to give you a shot in person. Therefore, try to only talk about past experiences that contain relevant information about the position. Also, if possible, try to quantify your experience, as numbers make it easier for the interviewer to understand what you have accomplished at your previous jobs. 


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What to Look for in a Job


Job Satisfaction


The more passionate you are about a role you are applying for, the higher your chances of performing well and excelling. Although money is typically the main motivator of selecting/pursuing a job, it should not be the only factor to consider. It is not worth having a high-paying job when you are not satisfied with your role, as there is a possibility the quality of work deteriorates. Therefore, 


Commute Time


One of the biggest challenges of finding an appropriate job is the commute. The commute to a job is a key factor to consider when finding a job. Depending on the length of time you spend traveling to and from work, varying stress levels will be endured.


According to Scientific American, the longer a worker’s commute is, the bigger toll there is on their physical and mental health. Traveling to and from work can be very draining, and it could eventually impact your performance at work. Therefore, one possible solution to this situation is to either move closer to your desired place of work or accept an alternate job offer closer to your residence to reduce commuting time. 




Another key thing to consider when looking for a job is determining the benefits you receive. Although benefits may not be disclosed at the beginning of the job process, once they have been mentioned, it is important to consider them when determining your future place of work. 


The Money Wrap-Up


Finding a job is not easy. It will take persistence over a short period until you find something that suits your skill set. Regardless of the state you wish to work in, there will be hurdles to overcome when applying for jobs. It is common to be accepted for a job after applying for the position. However, through consistency and following the guidelines mentioned above regarding how to better a resume, you are maximizing your chances of retaining a job sometime soon. 

Main Image Credit: fizkes / Shutterstock.com

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