Clara for Creators, Equal Pay for All Content Creators

Posted by Viviana Vazquez in InfluencersMarch 21, 2022(Last Updated July 28, 2022)3 min read
Key Takeaways
  • Former TikTok content manager, Christen Nino de Guzman, left her $150,000 per year job to focus on creating a platform that allows various content creators to discuss their rates and experiences when working with various companies.
  • The reason she created this app was due to the pay gap that content creators experienced for essentially the same service, and this app lowers the chances of creators charging lower rates than what they are entitled to.
  • The app has received thousands of downloads on both the App Store and the Google Play Store, with many users disclosing their experience when working with various companies.
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Regardless of the type of job that a person has, there will always be some form of pay inequality. Unfortunately, the pay gap is sometimes more than it should be, and workers may be unaware of how large the gap may be. Thus, former TikTok content manager, Christen Nino de Guzman, decided to leave her $150,000 per year job to focus on creating an app that allows content creators to get paid similar amounts for identical services.


Motive Behind Creating This App


Christen’s intention for creating this app was she saw creators of color and women would be underpaid for their services when compared to their male counterparts. They were not getting paid enough because they were selling themselves short regarding what their fee for doing an advertisement was.

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There was no website or app, similar to GlassDoor, within the content creation space that allowed a content creator to check what the average fee was for their services. Thus, this resulted in pay disparities between many content creators. As Christen did not want people to be paid less for their hard work, she created a platform that allows content creators to discuss the fees they charged for advertisements for different companies, as well as their experiences while collaborating with these corporations. 


Success of the App


Since its launch on both the App Store and the Google Play Store, the app has received thousands of downloads, with many users outlining their experience with various companies, as well as what their rate was, depending on the type of promo and the number of followers they had. 


Furthermore, due to the continued success of Clara for Creators, Christen has had the opportunity to contribute her services to companies such as Instagram and Pinterest, to help them launch creator programs.  


Know Your Worth


Some of the content creators were underselling their services, which caused them to receive less compensation than other content creators. The reason why these creators charged less was that they did not want to state a fee that the company would feel is too high for a creator campaign, which halted the paid promotion collaboration.


However, it is essential to know that regardless of your field, when you offer your services for a lower price than what you think you are worth, the company is the one that benefits, as they have to pay less for your services. 


Therefore, instead of offering your services at a discounted price, state a fee that you believe is fair for your quality of service. The worst thing the company can do is reject your offer, which at that point, you can either negotiate a lower fee that works for both parties or abandon the collaboration with the company altogether and look towards the next promotion opportunity. 


It is frustrating when you realize your colleagues are receiving higher compensation than you for essentially the same service. No one should experience pay inequality, and this app allows now content creators to compare rates so they never get underpaid ever again. 


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What are your thoughts on this app being created for content creators? Do you believe a similar one may be produced for other types of workers, such as freelancers? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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