Black Friday: Tips on How to Shop Without Breaking the Bank

Posted by Nailah Herbert in SavingsNovember 23, 2019(Last Updated December 30, 2022)4 min read
Key Takeaways
  • With Black Friday and the holiday season right around the corner, many will be inclined to spend large sums of money shopping for gifts.
  • Although purchasing items at a fraction of the price may provide happiness, it is essential to have a budget to ensure that one does not overspend during this holiday season.
  • Some of the tips below on saving money during the holiday season include: making a list, cutting back on expenses, and creating a budget.
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Black Friday is one of the best times to shop for things one may need due to the prices being at their lowest point in the year. However, sometimes it is easy to go overboard with spending due to the low prices, resulting in financial and credit card debt. Therefore, to make sure that does not happen, here are some money-saving tips that can be implemented to help you save money during Black Friday.


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Make a Shopping List


With low Black Friday prices and sales, it is easier for a person to purchase an item that they may not need. One of the best ways to ensure you do not overspend while doing your holiday shopping is to create a list of things you may need. This list will ensure extra cash is not spent, and your long-term financial position is not negatively affected. 


When making a list, it is essential to note that all items you wish to purchase may not fit your budget. Therefore, when compiling the list, write things down in the order of importance, so when your budget amount has been determined, you know how much money you have to buy the things you need.


Create a Budget


Creating a budget is a great way to stay within savings goals and not overspend during the holiday season. Knowing how much money you have in your checking and savings account will make it easy to gauge your spending. By accessing this information through online banking, you can determine how much to spend during Black Friday by giving yourself a specific dollar amount to spend or stay under.  


However, before starting to create a budget, it is vital to make sure that there is sufficient money in your emergency fund. An emergency fund is the amount of money set aside to pay for three to six months of your monthly expenses in case an emergency occurs. If you have not put aside sufficient funds to make up your emergency fund, then that takes priority over putting aside money for Black Friday. 


Black Friday comes and goes every year, and there is always an opportunity to purchase something you want at a later date. However, if an unexpected emergency occurs and you do not have the money set aside, it can become difficult to overcome that situation.


Cut Back Before Black Friday Arrives 


People often spend more than usual during Black Friday, so it is essential to implement a savings plan to start putting money aside to help pay for Black Friday purchases. One way to cut back is by going through your monthly expenses and determining which ones are necessary and which ones are not. 


Doing so will help determine which expenses can be cut to achieve your savings goals before Black Friday. These changes should be made a couple of months in advance to provide yourself with ample time to start saving money to purchase the items you want during Black Friday.  


Research Prices Before Buying


Although it may be Black Friday, it does not necessarily mean that the item you wish to purchase is at its lowest sale price. Therefore, check other stores that may sell a similar product and compare their prices. After researching which store has the best price, you can determine whether you think the current price is the lowest the item you wish to purchase will be.


If it is at its lowest price and not exceeding the budget you put in place, it is safe to purchase the item. However, if you feel that the item could potentially go to a lower price later, then hold off on buying if the item is not a necessity. 


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Check Receipts if Buying from Multiple Stores


When shopping at multiple stores, it can be a challenge to track how much was spent at each location and how much is left in your budget. Checking your receipts will help ensure your budget is still intact, and you have not exceeded the amount put aside for holiday shopping. 


Repercussions of Not Budgeting


If budgeting or other money-saving strategies are not used to prepare for holiday spending, it could result in overspending. Overspending could lead to increased credit card debt and the high-interest rates that come along with it.  


The Money Wrap-Up


As the holiday season is supposed to be filled with good times, great people, and even better memories, no one wants to remember struggling to pay for necessities due to overspending on gifts. Implementing the tactics mentioned above will help ease your mind and save more money, as you know, the money-saving tips will help you spend more during the holiday season guilt-free. 


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Tiffany Soto (@grogna6670321569712)2 years ago

I will save up my dollar some days I will open my own restaurant in the future because I will gonna be the boss and oner in the future one day

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