How To Save Money Using Your College ID

Posted by Viviana Vazquez in SavingsAugust 11, 2021(Last Updated December 20, 2022)3 min read
Key Takeaways
  • If you are a college student, one way to cash in on your current status is by taking advantage of perks requiring your college ID. 
  • Products and services aren’t cheap, but college students can save money by using their college ID, thanks to many stores nationwide.
  • Companies like Apple, Dell, and Subway offer college students discounts, which can help lower their overall monthly expenses.
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We often hear about the financial downsides of being in college–from the “struggle college student” stories to student loan debt. However, if you are a current (and sometimes a former) college student, one way to cash in on your current status is by taking advantage of perks that require using your college identification card (ID). 


A college ID comes with many benefits, including discounts on large and small purchases that could enable you to save thousands of dollars each year. In addition, when students utilize their college ID, they can also reach their savings goals and lower their overall monthly expenses. 


Buying products and services isn’t cheap, but thanks to many stores nationwide, students attending college can easily save money by simply purchasing a good or service with their college identification card. Here is a list of companies that offer great deals because you are a college student.


CapWay Tip: Colleges and universities give their students a school email address containing .edu. Therefore, when you see .edu listed throughout the article, we are referring to school email addresses. 






The Apple Education Store offers special pricing on select iMacs and iPads to “current and newly accepted college students and their parents, as well as faculty, staff, and homeschool teachers of all grade levels.” To take advantage of this special pricing, you may need to have a .edu email or a college ID, if an Apple employee asks you for verification.


Apple Macbook Opening

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To learn more about all of their offerings and special discounts for students, click here.




Nowadays, being a college student, it’s a must to have technology that can maximize your time and efforts when studying and doing homework. The proper equipment can also drastically decrease studying time due to the high-speed technology.


Dell offers special pricing on their PCs to anyone with a valid .edu email address. Currently, they are offering up to $200 off and 20% off select electronics through August 12. Learn more about Dell University and its discounts here.




All college students need their downtime, a break to step away from studying and relax while watching an entertaining movie or show. If you’re looking to save on entertainment, you may be able to use a college ID to get discounted movie theaters tickets. Cinemark and AMC offer discounted movie tickets when you present your student ID. 




Music is universal, and college kids need their favorite tunes to thrive. Whether you are walking to class or having a group study session, your music can help you get in the right mood during the right time. Your student email will allow you access to subscribe to your favorite services for a discounted rate.




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With your school email, you can stream your favorite music on Spotify Premium Student for one month, for free, and then at a 50% discount of $4.99 per month. Currently, the Spotify Premium Student subscription also includes Hulu and Showtime.




Everyone needs clothes, whether they are starting a new job, going to a new school, or just wanting to buy clothes that fit the season. With numerous retailers offering discounts, college students can cash in without breaking the bank.


Many retailers offer anywhere from 10% to 20% off your purchase when you present your college ID or use your .edu email to sign up. These special deals include 10% off at ASOS, 15% off at Banana Republic, and 15% off at JCrew.




Buffalo wild wings

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Many restaurants (participating locations) are known to give you a discount of up to 10% when you show your college ID at the register. Thanks to these restaurants, you can eat a discounted meal simply for being a college student. These restaurants include Buffalo Wild Wings, Subway, Chick-Fil-A, Waffle House, and many more.


The Money Wrap-Up


If you have a favorite store that we didn’t mention, and you are wondering if that store is offering college student discounts, you can visit the store’s website to see if they have deals or ask an employee the next time you visit the store. 


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