The Best Resume to Land Your Dream Job

Posted by Nailah Herbert in CareerDecember 3, 2021(Last Updated July 25, 2022)3 min read
Key Takeaways
  • A great resume will separate you from the rest of the applicants when applying for a job.
  • When writing a resume, make sure it is in bullet point form with enough information, and use a professional resume format.
  • With some jobs, you also have to submit a cover letter, so make sure the cover letter is not pre-written and is tailored to the job you are applying for.
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When searching for your dream job, many tasks need to be completed before landing it. First, it is essential to network with the right people and equally important to have a strong resume.


Why resumes are important


Resumes are vital because they represent yourself and your work experience. They outline what skills and accomplishments you have that the employer may be looking for when hiring an employee. Before the employer allows you to interview in person, your resume is how they get to know you beforehand. Therefore, it is a key factor in securing your dream job


What do employers look for?


When employers are looking for potential employees, they usually focus on whether the information is relevant to the position and in chronological order. The use of chronological order when writing helps the employer understand the order of jobs you have worked and if the experience gained from these positions will benefit the role you are applying for.


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Create your the resume


When writing the actual resume, use resume builder websites like Canva and Resume to help you obtain a suitable resume sample for the position you are applying for. When using professional resume templates to create a resume, it is essential to mention your job titles and responsibilities. Once you have chosen a template, put in the information listed below to help you stand out from the rest of the applicants. 


Contact information

First and foremost, the top of your resume needs to include your contact information. This information consists of your name, phone number, and email address. Contact information is important because if the employer wants to contact you, they can use the information given to them.



This section should be brief and concise. It should go over your positive qualities and what your objectives are with this position. This helps the employers know what type of person you are and if your objectives are aligned with the company.



Many applications, prior to human review, are subject to applicant tracking systems, where they are scanned by computers to find the work-appropriate keywords used within the resume. Therefore, in order to increase your chances of a human reviewing your resume, use action verbs that will help you stand out against the rest and increase your interview chances.  


Past Experiences

Your past experiences will help an employer determine whether or not you could potentially be a good fit for the position. Therefore, it is crucial that you only include the most recent work history as the employer wants to know if these past experiences will help make your transition process easier if you were to get hired for the job.


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Your education is an important piece of your resume. Employers want to know what level of knowledge you have excelled at, and whether this level of education would be sufficient for the position. Whether you have a college degree, received an educational certificate, or attended a skills training session to gain more experience, you must add this part. 


Relevant Skills

Listing relevant skills on your resume will help your resume to stand out to potential employers. In addition, the skills section on your resume will help your employer easily identify your acquired skills from past work experiences. 


Create a cover letter


For some of the more sophisticated roles you may apply to, they may ask you to provide them with a cover letter along with your resume. If they do so, find an acceptable cover letter template and edit it to tailor it to your current job application. Make sure the file format is Microsoft Word, so it is accessible on most software, as if it is not, you are making the employer’s job more difficult, and it may cost you the opportunity of getting hired. 


What are some other ways you can improve your resume? Share it with us in the comments below.


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