Choosing A Side Hustle

Posted by CapWay in EntrepreneurshipApril 1, 2019(Last Updated April 8, 2019)2 min read
Are you ready to make some real money moves?

You think you want a side hustle. We can’t stress how much of a commitment it is to take on more work than your full-time job. Protect your time and energy by using these guidelines to help you get up and running. 

Make It Easy On Yourself

You can try to protect yourself from the energy drain of working another job by choosing a side gig that comes easy to you or interests you. When considering a hustle, you want to choose something that will not require a lot of energy to learn and maintain for a prolonged period of time. Most people choose to turn hobbies or talents into a source of income. 

Use the Convenience Angle

Don’t think too hard about figuring out what services you could provide for money. Sometimes, the side hustle doesn’t even need to be something that takes specialized skills. Remember, people pay for convenience. Housecleaning is the perfect example of a skill that everyone can do but many will pay to not have to keep up with. 

Avoid Taking On Debt

It’s exciting to plan when you are pretty certain you could make some extra money. However, don’t make purchases based on what could be. The goal of getting a side job is to bring more money into your life. Try to spend as little as possible when you are just starting. You should be able to pay for your side hustle with your regular income or by using a little bit of your savings.

Don’t Overlook The Ready Made Side Hustles

This gig economy we live in brings tons of technology to help you start a new job quickly. If you seriously can’t think of a side hustle that you want to pick up, then you can sign up for service apps (think Uber, GrubHub, Lyft) that allow you to make money on your time. 

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