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Posted by Nailah Herbert in CollegeSeptember 19, 2022(Last Updated September 20, 2022)3 min read
Key Takeaways
  • The transition from high school to college can be a challenging time.
  • As a college student, you have tons of responsibilities. One of those responsibilities includes staying on top of your school work, so it is important to use the campus resources available to help you.  
  • A few campus offices that are available to you are the student accounts office, financial aid office, and registrar’s office.
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The transition from high school to college can be a challenging time. However, college students should use their college campus resources to help them along their journey to graduation. Below are a few services colleges offer to their students to help them continue on the path to success. 

Student Accounts Office


The student accounts office helps with:


  • Learning your semester balance 
  • Understanding options for paying off your tuition balance 
  • Answering questions about your student refund
  • Basic loan repayment education

Before entering class, the college will require you to pay your annual tuition. On campus, the student accounts office will help you understand the financial aspects of being a student. The student accounts office will help you better understand your tuition balance and how you can pay it off. Also, if there are any issues pertaining to your account, they will help you take the necessary steps to resolve them. 


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Overall, knowing what the student accounts office offers is crucial. There will be times during your college years when you will need their assistance. As a result, it is better to become familiar with the office sooner rather than later. You can reach out to your student accounts office in person or online. 


Financial Aid Office

The financial office can help you:


  • Understand your financial aid package
  • Answer questions about the FAFSA
  • Know your financial aid deadlines 
  • Find additional scholarship opportunities
  • Navigate student and parent federal loans 
  • Understand the rules around school and state scholarships you received


financial aid

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When wanting to pay your tuition, there are certain things you can do to help lower the balance that needs to be paid. Whether that be through grants, scholarships, or other forms of financial aid, the office of financial assistance can help you understand how you can lower your college tuition. Therefore, it is important to receive help from the financial aid office, as they may know certain information which can benefit you and lower the balance you pay to the school. 

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Registrar’s Office


The registrar's office helps with: 


  • Enrollment questions
  • Understanding your credit hours  
  • Tracking progress towards your degree


The registrar's office handles everything that has to do with your academic progress. For example, the office tracks your enrollment status, which can impact your eligibility for financial aid and tuition costs. Also, the registrar’s office will contain the requirements of your degree. As a result, always check the criteria before enrolling in classes to ensure that you remain eligible for your degree. 

Writing Center


The writing center helps with:


  • Writing and editing your essays
  • Helping you in different ways to become a better writer


Regardless of the major you are enrolled in while attending college, you will be required to write papers. Although writing papers can sometimes be difficult, whether it be coming up with a solid outline, creating an engaging thesis, or making the contents seem interesting, the writing center is there to help you through it all.


As a result, if you feel that you are not a very good writer, know there is a center dedicated to helping people like you become better writers and get higher marks. 


Tutoring Services

Tutoring helps with:


  • Gaining clarity on a complex concept
  • Attaining additional help outside of class
  • Helping you increase your GPA

Regardless of the courses you are taking in college, there will be a few that you may struggle with. Having difficulty grasping the concepts taught in class is a natural feeling, which is why many colleges have tutoring programs. If your college does offer tutoring services, see if you can receive a free tutoring session for the first time.


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Utilizing this academic support program will increase your chances of performing well in your classes, causing your GPA (Grade Point Average) to increase and potentially resulting in a higher possibility of receiving academic incentives.  


The Money Wrap-Up


All colleges generally have offices and staff members to help you become a great student. Using the campus resources will allow you to develop a sense of independence and become more resourceful when the time finally comes for you to graduate


It’s natural for college students to get overwhelmed with schoolwork and feel like they may want to quit. If you feel this way, talk to your professors, school counselors, or administrators. They can help point you in the right direction. 


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