Tips For Parents On Cutting Costs During A Layoff

Posted by Gwen Payne in Family & MoneySeptember 13, 2020(Last Updated December 29, 2022)3 min read
Key Takeaways
  • Take a look at your current spending habits and reevaluate them if you are spending too much.
  • Try to learn a new skill that will help you land a better job.
  • Swapping items that you need with your friends could also help you cover costs.
Are you ready to make some real money moves?

Go back to school.


If jobs are few and far between in your industry or for your experience level, now is a great time to go back to school to start a new career. You might, for example, get certified as a public accountant or earn a degree in childcare. If you are a nurturer with experience as a caregiver, an online nursing degree may be exactly what you need to break into healthcare. As a nurse, you may be able to get into management, patient care, or service coordination. These are all high-paying jobs, and many offer the flexibility that parents need.


Change the way you bank.


While it might seem like a small thing, where you put the money you have matters. Not all banks are the same, and some charge hefty overdraft fees that can put you even further in the hole. CapWay is different. With CapWay, there are no minimum balance fees, so your account can ebb and flow with your current financial situation without worry about your bank putting you into debt.


Evaluate your spending habits.


Having children means you have to spend money. There is always something to buy, and the kids never stay in the same pair of shoes for too long. Take a look at your current spending habits. You may find that you use your debit card much more than you thought, particularly at the grocery store. You can potentially save hundreds of dollars per month by cooking at home. The Busy Budgeter claims to have saved around $23,000 per year on food expenses. Planning your meals for the week is a good way to avoid last-minute $30 drive-through days.


Go for gigs.


Going to school and saving money may go so far. If it becomes necessary to supplement your dwindling income, it’s time to consider looking for a work-at-home job. For parents, freelancing is a smart choice. Fortunately, you do not have to have experience as an entrepreneur to freelance. You can accept side gigs doing anything that you are comfortable doing, such as writing resumes, virtual assisting, or even providing more hands-on services, like childcare or photography.


Swap with your friends.


One of the best ways to get the things you want and need without dipping in your savings is to barter. Start with your friends and family. You might, for example, trade your skills as a hairstylist for their handiness with lawn care. Reach out to your neighbors and acquaintances to see what’s available and to gauge interest. You may not be able to get everything you want, but every little bit helps, and you’ll also enjoy the benefit of forging closer relationships with people in your exchange network.


Whether you spend your time going back to school to learn a new profession or working side gigs to make ends meet, trust that your situation is only temporary. Use your time wisely now, and make a point to change the way you spend. Once a steady paycheck is back on the books, your new money-conscientious habits can help you make the most of your future wealth.


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