Nipsey Hussle Quotes About Money, Motivation, and Success

Posted by Nailah Herbert in InfluencersNovember 17, 2022(Last Updated January 10, 2023)4 min read
Key Takeaways
  • Nipsey Hussle’s legacy is stamped on hip-hop culture. His contributions to the rap game, his community, and beyond are why his fans and supporters love him so much. 
  • Nipsey Hussle’s grammy-nominated debut album, Victory Lap, opened doors to a higher level of global recognition.
  • Through his music, Nipsey Hussle taught his fans about his life, how to navigate the music industry, and build generational wealth.
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Rapper and entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle, whose real name is Ermias Asghedom, is a well-respected artist on the West Coast. Although he produced and released seven mixtapes, including TMC, Crenshaw, and Mailbox Money, his grammy-nominated album titled Victory Lap led him to reach a new level of success.

Unfortunately, Nipsey was killed in March 2019, but his legacy lives on through his family, fans, and music. A self-made artist, Nipsey knew about working hard and starting from the ground up to build a solid foundation. Through hard work and perseverance, he built his own record label, All Money In Records, constructed an interactive clothing store, and revitalized his community. 


Through his famous saying, "It's a marathon," Nipsey set an excellent example of the importance of continuing to work hard in pursuit of your goals. He often stressed that running a marathon means not giving up no matter the obstacles that lay before you. Wherever you are on your financial, entrepreneurial, or life journey, these quotes by Nipsey Hussle will inspire you to stay the course.


Powerful Quotes by Nipsey Hussle


"Be more fearless. Put way bigger goals on the wall and have 

a bigger vision, have a higher expectation." 

-Nipsey Hussle (Source: Big Boy TV/YouTube

During an interview on Big Boy TV, Nipsey was asked what advice he would give to his younger self. He immediately stated that he would have been more fearless with his goals. This can be applied to anyone who is working toward a goal, especially a financial one. If your goal is to achieve financial freedom, then it's important to have an undying belief in yourself and create a plan to fulfill your goals. 


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Your words are a powerful factor in determining your life goals. In the famous song "Victory Lap," Nipsey rapped, "Spoke some things into the universe, and they appeared." This shows how powerful words can be in your everyday life. Whether you are speaking positively or negatively, your words will take a definite form in shaping your beliefs, which then drives your behavior in how you reach your goals.

When Nipsey started to take music seriously in the early 2000s, he became intentional about his moves. He didn't limit his thoughts to his environment or what was happening in his life at the moment. He knew that he had the power to accomplish his goals and never gave up on his dreams.


"We playing the long game; we don't want the money to stop when we go or when we can't work no more. We want it to outlive us, we want it to be generational."

-Nipsey Hussle (Source: FOX 11 Los Angeles "Good Day L.A.”)


For the majority of Nipsey's career, he was an indie (independent) artist. He managed to build a large following through his mixtapes and touring around the United States, using his own money. In 2013, Nipsey started his "Proud 2 Pay" marketing campaign, selling a limited supply of 1,000 copies of his Crenshaw mixtape for $100 each. Billionaire mogul Jay-Z bought 100 copies of the Crenshaw project. In 2017, Nipsey would eventually ink a deal to a joint partnership with Atlantic Records, allowing him to push his professional goals further. 


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Image credit: Umeek Images / Alamy Stock Photo


TMC Brand


One way Nipsey Hussle demonstrated his mission of building generational wealth and how he was prepared to play the long game was when he created The Marathon Clothing store. The smart store serves as an interactive experience for shoppers using the latest technology. When a shopper purchases a piece of clothing, there is a tag attached where users can download TMC Smart Store App, scan the tag, stream exclusive content, and get exclusive items. 


Nipsey was big on ownership and would proudly mention that he owned his original song recordings, also known as his "masters." Many times, when you are strategic about how you own certain products or businesses, you can make a profit. But the other side of making money is learning how to keep it and pass it down to the next generation. 


Generational wealth refers to financial assets passed down from generation to generation. Those financial assets include family businesses, stocks, certain life insurance policies, and bonds. Nipsey ensured his family's financial stability by putting them in a place where they could succeed and wouldn't have to start from scratch.


In a Hot 97 interview with radio host Nessa, Nipsey was essentially asked when he would be able to take a vacation from the grind, and he stated, "I read something that gave me perspective on that. It's like this whole thing, we look at life like what you can get from life, and I read something that said that's not what it is. You gone always be unfulfilled if you look at life like that. It's about knowing you gone leave one day and you know when you leave the only way you gone be fulfilled is if you know you gave everything you had and you emptied yourself here, and you left it all here because it's temporary and you have a moment."

The Money Wrap-Up


Nipsey Hussle's legacy is stamped on hip-hop culture. He gave his fans, like me, hope that we could succeed even if we started from nothing. Despite someone's background, current environment, childhood trauma, or any other odds that may be stacked against them, they can take their victory lap with pride and integrity if they keep running their race. In the words of Nip Tha Great, "It's a marathon." 



Main image credit: ZUMA Press, Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo

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