Delta Starbucks Partnership: All You Need to Know

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Key Takeaways
  • On Oct. 12, 2022, Delta Air Lines and Starbucks launched a partnership, allowing customers to earn double the points.
  • This partnership allows customers to earn points when purchasing eligible products from Starbucks and receive double rewards on days when they have a scheduled flight.
  • If you wish to join this program, head to, where you can sign up for a new account and link your existing ones. 
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Starting October 12, 2022, Delta Air Lines and Starbucks launched a partnership that allowed their customers to earn rewards with both loyalty programs. This allows the customer of both companies to have the opportunity to get double the rewards. 

Details on the Delta Starbucks Partnership


On October 12, 2022, members of both the Starbucks Rewards Program and Delta SkyMiles were able to link their accounts. After these accounts have been linked, customers will earn one mile per $1 spent on eligible purchases at participating Starbucks stores. Also, on days when customers have flights, they will earn double stars at certain Starbucks locations. 


Benefits of the Delta Starbucks Partnership


As mentioned above, for every dollar spent at a Starbucks, the customer will get one mile; but people who link their two accounts between now and December 31, 2022, will earn 500 miles. Furthermore, for those who have made a qualifying purchase, 150 stars will be awarded to them, allowing them to get free coffee from Starbucks once they have reached the reward threshold.  



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When talking about the partnership between Starbucks and Delta Air Lines, Ryan Butz, Vice President of Starbucks’ loyalty and marketing, said, “Starbucks Rewards and Delta SkyMiles are centered on creating moments of meaningful connection, and by bringing together two of the country’s most celebrated loyalty programs we are able to reward our members with more of what they love. We are excited to partner with Delta to offer our members even more valuable benefits and invite more customers to join Starbucks Rewards.”

Also, Prashant Sharma, vice president of loyalty at Delta, stated, “We’re continuing to evolve Delta’s SkyMiles program to give our customers valuable, premium experiences not just on the days they travel but in their everyday lives as well. Through this new partnership with Starbucks, we can deliver more moments and interactions that matter, both in the air and on the ground.”


delta airlines check in and baggage drop

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These quotes exemplify that both companies are dedicated to providing a new loyalty program that will benefit their customer bases. For those who travel frequently and purchase many of their refreshments at the airport, having access to this double loyalty program allows them to earn miles and Starbucks Rewards points on the go. Therefore, pairing up these two companies allows their consumers to reap the benefits of two loyalty programs, doubling their incentives. 

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How to Sign Up for the Delta Starbucks Partnership


To sign up for the Delta Starbucks Partnership, you can go to, where you can link your Delta SkyMiles accounts with the Starbucks Rewards Program. If you do not have an account with Delta or Starbucks, don’t worry because the website will allow you to create one. 


The Money Wrap-Up


The partnership between Delta and Starbucks is unique and could revolutionize how corporations partner with one another. The success of this dual partnership can be the gateway to determining whether future companies will consider teaming up in differing industries to provide mutual benefits to their customers.



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