Christmas Gifts for Millennials

Posted by CapWay in Life EventsNovember 25, 2019(Last Updated November 28, 2022)5 min read
Key Takeaways
  • With the holiday season around the corner, it is time to start thinking about how you can obtain your desired gifts as a millennial.
  • Depending on the person you ask for a gift, be sure they understand why you would like to have it and what it would mean to you.
  • Gifts for a millennial may look different than what other generations request.
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As the holiday season is approaching, it is time to start manifesting your holiday gifts in hopes of receiving them for Christmas. As a millennial, it can be challenging to ask for gifts from people who aren't in the same age range as you because they may not understand your reasoning. For example, a millennial may ask for cash only as Christmas gifts but not to blow the money on wants. Instead, the reason is to add the funds to the savings needed for the down payment on a house. On the other hand, the ask could be for an air fryer to help cut down on ordering from DoorDash or having to take the time to cook.


It's a must to ensure you get the present you truly desire, especially if you have family and friends who love giving holiday presents. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all approach when asking for presents. Fortunately, we have created a guide on approaching people of different ages to try and get the gifts you desire from them.


How to Ask for Gifts per Generation


People who were born in a certain generation may not understand millennials all that well. But, there shouldn’t be any shame around the differences of each generation either because everyone is different. 



The point is that the worst anyone could say is 'No,' but you must be willing to be open and honest about why you want a certain gift. Depending on the generation of the person you choose to ask for a gift, specific types of asks will increase your chances of receiving the present you desire most this holiday season.


Boomers (58-76 years old)


Boomers, currently the world's largest generation, are old-fashioned. Therefore, do not expect them to be up-to-date with the current trends. As a result, when talking to the older generations, mention retro gifts such as cash or pieces of clothing, as they are more inclined to purchase these items. In addition, they typically give out similar gifts to those they received when they were your age. Therefore, mentioning the items listed above to them will increase your chances of receiving your desired Christmas gift.


Gen X (42-57 years old)


Gen X's gifting style is similar to Baby Boomers. However, as the members of this generation are the parents of millennials, they may be more focused on gifting you necessities over wants, depending on your current living conditions. More so, Gen X may be more interested in skipping a gift to you and instead only gifting your children or the younger children of the family.


For the Gen X family members who are still gifting the millennials of the family, try to ask for similar gifts requested from Boomers, such as living essentials.


Millennial (26-41 years old)


When asking people born in the 1980s or 1990s for a gift, it can be almost anything you desire. As you are a part of the same generation, your peers are more closely aligned with you and are willing to purchase the gifts you want.



If you are open with your family and friends about your finances and living situation, asking them for gifts of financial benefit would be a great idea. For example, you can ask for a small monthly bill to be paid as your Christmas gift, such as your home energy bill for less than $150.00. Even an Amazon Prime or DoorDash yearly subscription could be a great present to ask for to help you unwind and help you financially in the long run.


Gen Z (10-25 years old)


The generation born after 1996 will typically give you the gift you desire. Both millennials and Gen Z, the younger generations, tend to consume a large amount of social media. So if there is a specific item you saw online that piqued your interest, like a new skincare product or a piece of clothing from your favorite brand, then let them know how much you would appreciate a particular gift. Often, they will already know how to order it online with, if any, minimal issues. 


Gifts That Financially Improve Your Life


The gifts you can ask for a limitless. However, one type of present to seriously consider requesting from others is one that can financially improve your life in the long run.


Cash Money


Sometimes simplicity is key, and cash is one of the easiest gifts to give and one of the best gifts to receive. You can ask your friends and family members to gift you money, and then you can use those funds to make a purchase, add to your emergency fund, or invest. 


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Gift Cards


Some people who are on the receiving end of getting presents can be picky. On the other hand, some people who are more likely to give presents can be over-thinkers. If you have trouble deciding what would be a great present to ask for, gift cards are the perfect gift idea.

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Gift cards give the recipient the freedom to find something for themselves and not waste time in lines trying to exchange or return a gift they didn't like, need, or want. Therefore, if you do not wish to wait for the holidays and open a gift that you do not like, give your family and friends a list of your favorite stores and ask them to purchase a gift card.


Gifts That Make Your Life Enjoyable


While some gifts fall under the needs category, other presents satisfy our wants and are simply nice to have. These are the types of gifts that make life more enjoyable.




Expanding your wardrobe can be expensive. Therefore, by asking your friends and family to gift you certain clothing items like seasonal wear or name brands, you can increase your wardrobe size at a fraction of the cost of buying it all yourself. 



Living Essentials


Many people don't realize how much parents have financially contributed to making sure you lived a comfortable life until you move out and have to buy those home essentials items yourself. Asking your loved ones to give you living essentials will help you cut down on costs and reroute your money to other major expenses like bills and groceries.


Here are examples of living essentials items you can request as a Christmas gift: 

  • kitchen set 
  • laundry basket
  • kitchen essentials–detergent, ironing board, dish soap
  • recycling/trash bin


Quality and long-lasting household items become more important as you get older, but the prices may not always fit your current budget. So, use the holiday season as an opportunity to ask for the necessary household items that you would rather not pay for yourself.


The Money Wrap-Up


Although the list mentioned above is financially useful when asking for gifts, remember that the holidays are about spending time with your loved ones. It is not determined by the amount or quality of gifts you receive from your family and friends.


Therefore, if you receive a present that is not what you wanted, do not be upset; instead, be grateful that your loved ones were thoughtful and had enough disposable income to buy you something. Unfortunately, some people do not have enough disposable income to do so, which is more reason to be cheerful when your loved ones are gracious enough to supply you with the items for this holiday season. 

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