Women's History Month: Finance Edition with Nadia Vanderhall

Posted by Nailah Herbert in WomenMarch 3, 2022(Last Updated July 28, 2022)3 min read
Key Takeaways
  • For Women’s History Month, we celebrate Nadia Vanderhall, the owner of The Brands + Band$ Strategy Group.
  • Nadia has shared her financial knowledge with the CapWay audience as a CapWay content contributor. 
  • Nadia was also featured in Commonwealth, Facebook/Meta, General Assembly, and Yahoo Finance. She is also a content creator and personal finance mentor for Public.com.
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Celebrating Women in Financial Education 


The month of March is recognized as Women’s History Month in the United States. This month is dedicated to women who are continuing to push the envelope to help other women across the globe achieve success personally, socially, and professionally. 


CapWay is celebrating women across the nation who are dominating in the finance space. To kick off the month with a bang, the article series, Women's History Month: Finance Edition, will highlight five amazing women striving to uplift and empower other women in and beyond the finance space. 


Nadia Vanderhall, Owner of The Brands + Band$ Strategy Group


This week, we celebrate Nadia Vanderhall, the owner of The Brands + Band$ Strategy Group, which she created in 2009 to fuse her insights and expertise regarding marketing and money. She offers content, consulting, and community to a niche audience base within both areas of marketing and money. As a content creator, she shares her financial education tips on her social media channels and on her website. 


Nadia also shares her financial knowledge with the CapWay audience as a CapWay content contributor. She was also featured in Commonwealth, Facebook/Meta, General Assembly, and Yahoo Finance. She is also a content creator and personal finance mentor for Public Invest.


To celebrate and highlight Nadia’s achievements, we asked her about her present and past journey as a woman in the personal finance space. Read more about her successful journey in the personal finance space below.


Q1: When did you know you wanted to become a Personal Finance Expert/Financial Influencer/Entrepreneur? 


I became a Multi-Hyphenate within Personal Finance during two phases of my career. During the last recession, I found myself without money and began to learn more about it. Plus, I saw the statistics that African Americans were impacted the most during that time. 


I couldn’t let that happen again. The other time was when I explained investing with hair bundles on a Facebook post. This shows that relatable content is needed within this space. 


Q2: What challenges have you faced on your entrepreneurship journey? 


With what I talk about it’s pretty much been known as Boys Club. As time has progressed, more women started to talk about investing and crypto. Yet, people believe that we [women] aren’t as knowledgeable as others, which has proven to be false—also, moving in spite of fear. 


Q3: How can women become fiscally savvy and prioritize their financial health? 


Beyond asking for more, women are looking to see how to invest more. Investing is one of the keys to generational wealth and can generate passive income for women to enjoy in their Golden Years. On that point, take heed of the income streams you will have during retirement beyond social security benefits.


Q4: Why is it vital for you to help other women learn about finances or access financial resources? 


It’s vital because financial literacy is already a tough topic to grasp and implement. When you add social media to the mix, it only gets louder. I not only make finances relatable but also connective. More women are also moving into crypto, and I plan to show women there are resources to reach their goals in that space as well. 


Q5: What does a financial legacy look like for you?


Financial legacy looks differently now vs. back when I was fresh out of college. While I would love (and expect) for my legacy to be filled with income streams and padded accounts for generational wealth, I don't want those expectations to only reflect within my own lineage. 


The legacy I envision would be for all People of Color, especially African Americans, to fully understand wealth, obtain wealth, and share it with generations to come. Our ancestors desired 40 acres and a mule, and we can take our man plus mind power to build bigger compounds.


Q6: How are you working toward building generational wealth for your family?


As a nerd and lifelong learner, I am consistently studying what others within our cultures and other cultures are doing to see how I can align within my own trek. From plans like becoming an accredited investor to modeling wealth (internal and external) - I want my actions to be appreciated and acquired by my family. People know what they see, and that's what I strive to be.


Image Credit: iQoncept / Shutterstock.com


Nadia has contributed many articles for CapWay, including a series about planning with life insurance and an article about how Mariah Carey’s hit song helped her amass wealth. If you are interested in reading more of Nadia’s articles, you can find them all on CapWay’s learn money hub.

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