The First Black-Owned Automated Market Competing with Amazon

Posted by Nailah Herbert in Black EconomicsFebruary 25, 2022(Last Updated July 28, 2022)3 min read
Key Takeaways
  • Nourish + Bloom Market is an automated grocery store that revolutionizes how customers shop in their local market. 
  • Their automated store works similarly to how Amazon Go operates its stores. Being the first-black owned automated market, Nourish + Bloom Market is gaining significant market share within Georgia. 
  • Although purchasing necessities from large corporations such as Amazon is more convenient and cost-efficient, there are many benefits to supporting other black-owned businesses listed below.
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The First Black-Owned Automated Market


Nourish + Bloom Market is a brick-and-mortar grocery store, located in Fayetteville, GA, with a twist. Jamie and Jilea Hemmings founded this autonomous grocery store, leading it to become an Amazon rival. The store was opened a couple of years ago and provides various products for eating healthy.


The couple began providing healthy alternatives with their first company back in 2009, called Greenie Tots. Greenie Tots was a company that provided vegetarian alternatives to common kids’ meals after their child was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. 


With the experience from their first company, the African-American couple are now using their healthy food expertise to provide similar products to the people of Georgia in an autonomous way.


How Nourish + Bloom Market is Automating its Workforce


Nourish + Bloom Market is automating its workforce similarly to online retailer Amazon’s Amazon Go stores, by removing the cashiers. This change provides a new shopping experience as when customers enter the Nourish + Bloom Market store, they go into the Nourish + Bloom Market app, where they scan a code to begin shopping. 


Once customers are content with the items they have selected, they can walk out of the store with their desired groceries. Once the customer has left the store, Nourish + Bloom Market will charge the customer via their preferred paying method. Furthermore, the company has delivery robots, which will deliver packages to a location within a 3-mile radius.  


How Nourish + Bloom Market is Becoming an Amazon Rival


Nourish + Bloom Market is slowly becoming a local Amazon competitor as they are offering healthy products and similar services that Amazon Go offers to their local community. Currently, there are 30 Amazon Go stores located in Seattle, San Francisco, New York, and Chicago, but there are not any located in Georgia.


Consequently, Nourish + Bloom Market is providing a similar service to the online department store. As they are operating in a market in which Amazon has no physical presence, they are obtaining significant market share. 


Support Small Black-Owned Businesses


People can find small businesses in every corner of each community. These businesses are a pillar within the community, and they should be supported as they play a role in the community's identity. Here are some benefits as to why small businesses should be supported.


Customer Service


One of the most significant differences between small-owned brands and large corporations is the quality of their customer service. Small business owners typically take great pride in their customer service as they know it is a key part of their business. 


Image Credit: SFIO CRACHO /


Small business owners do not receive the same volume of customers compared to large corporations. Thus, to retain consumers, these smaller businesses focus on establishing a personal relationship with their customers to make them feel more included. Therefore, when shopping at a small business, there is a higher chance of the customer being treated like a close friend than if they were to visit a corporation.


High Quality


Another benefit of purchasing from a small business is that their products are typically high quality. Small businesses rely on differentiation from the large companies, and thus, they choose to offer higher quality products to their customers in exchange for a higher price. 


Although the price of items is higher when compared to the regular franchised companies, the quality, for the most part, is better and will last longer. 


By supporting small Black-owned companies year-round, whether through their online stores or in person, you are helping close the wealth gap and build community. If you are strapped for cash, you can show your support through other ways, such as social media shares and promoting via word-of-mouth. Although Black History Month is coming to an end, consider supporting your fellow Black-owned businesses year-round.


What are your thoughts on Nourish + Bloom Market automating its workforce? Do you think other local companies will follow a similar path? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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