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How to Find The Best Financial Advisor For You

It is also a good idea to consult with a financial advisor. A financial advisor provides financial services, such as short-term and long-term strategies for building wealth, defining personal and financial goals, and managing risk.

by Jala Eaton
3 Money Lessons and Quotes from Kobe Bryant

We lost a legend and ambassador of the game of basketball, Kobe Bryant. Kobe was much more than one of the greatest to ever play the game. His strong work ethic and notorious Mamba mentality became an inspiration for many to work hard and remain ambitious.

by Nailah Herbert
4 Factors That Will Drop Your Credit Score

In the world of credit, there are several traps that can keep you from achieving a high score. Here are four credit traps to avoid or minimize in order to achieve and maintain a high credit score. Knowing what traps to avoid will prevent mistakes that will lower your credit score.

by Nailah Herbert
How to Stretch Your Money as a College Student

Despite receiving financial assistance through student loans, college could become expensive, and paying for all the necessary expenses can be difficult. Below are some tips to ensure that your money stretches until the end of the year.

by Nailah Herbert
3 Saving Lessons From the Book 'I Will Teach You To Be Rich'

Saving money can be a hard task, but it’s not impossible to do. There are a few different methods that will help you to build your savings. Here are my top three tips to help increase your savings account.

by Nailah Herbert
Two Dr. Martin Luther King Lessons About Money

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fought vigorously to give African-Americans equality regarding civil rights, education, politics, and economics. Dr. King is a legendary figure in the world of civil rights and beyond.

by Nailah Herbert
Five Ways to Achieve Your Savings Goals

Many people set money aside for an emergency fund to prepare for anything that could happen. However, if achieving your savings goals is something you struggle with, some techniques you can use are creating a monthly budget, reaching out to a financial advisor, and setting up an automatic transfer to help your goals become easier to attain.

by CapWay
Check Your Money in 2020: Savings

Savings is what working on your finances is all about. Savings is required for any major financial goal--whether you want to stack up a fat retirement fund, transition to travelling more and working less, or buy a home that you can pass down to your children one day. 

by CapWay
3 Tricks to Change Your Money Habits

Three habits can help you improve your finances, habit stacking, the 2-min rule, and temptation bundling. Adopting new habits can help you improve your finances.

by CapWay
Do You Make a Living Wage to Cover Your Needs?

Whether through your chosen budgeting method or some other option, you should be able to ask and answer, "Is my income enough to cover my basic expenses?"

by CapWay
3 Behavior Tricks To Help You Reach Your Money Goals

Many people assume that you just have to decide to make a change and be dedicated to see it through to be successful. This method is unrealistic for most people--we aren’t robots. To reach success, switch from assuming that you will make the right choices just because you should.

by CapWay
Grocery Store Pick-Up Service May Save You Money

With grocery store pick-up, you order your groceries online or using your local grocery store’s app. You choose a delivery window to pull up to the store and pick up your order. A store associate shops for your items and bring them out to your car.

by Kathrina St Flavin
You’re Not Getting The Job Because You’re The ‘Real Life’ Sheldon Cooper

If you’ve ever watched The Big Bang Theory, you’ll notice that although he is very good at his job, Sheldon is extremely good at indicating that he is the best at everything. Unfortunately people like Sheldon struggle in real life.

by Rochelle Sampy
Test Your 2020 Money Goals

by CapWay
3 Money Tips for 2020

Happy New Year! Twenty-twenty (2020) is the year of financial prosperity!

by Nailah Herbert

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