Money Goals + HUMAN$

Save money towards your Money Goals alone or with the help of other HUMAN$.

What are Money Goals
Money to Invest
$450.30Saved AmountView Details
$500.00Goal Amount12/23/2022
March's Light Bill
$35.00Saved AmountView Details
$75.00Goal Amount12/23/2022
Christmas Gifts
$373.00Saved AmountView Details
$1000.00Goal Amount12/23/2022

Every time you swipe your CapWay debit card, you have the option to round up your transaction to the nearest dollar. The rounded-up change then goes into your Money Goal Account.

Within your Money Goal Account, you can create as many Money Goals as you would like–for example, a "New Computer" or "Summer Vacation."

You can save subconsciously and easily by rounding up each transaction, transferring money over from your CapWay Money Account, or even asking for help in achieving your Money Goal in the HUMAN$ community.

Money Goals

You have the option to make your Money Goal public or private. Explore the differences to see which one is right for you.


By choosing to make your Money Goal public, it will become available in the HUMAN$ community. This allows anyone to see your progress and to contribute to your Money Goal.

You can ask for help by sharing your public Money Goal directly with family and friends, your social media followers, or just by being visible for financial assistance to the HUMAN$ community.


If you want to save towards your Money Goals on your own, choose the private option.


We can achieve more together.

Public Money Goals

You must make your Money Goal public for it to be discoverable in the HUMAN$ community.

Ask for Help

If you fall short on your Money Goal, especially one that has a due date, ask for help from family, friends, your social media networks, or others. We make it easy to share by SMS (text) or e-mail.


People are often more willing to help you if you show that you are trying to help yourself. Your personal contributions towards your Money Goals will set the tone for others.

How do I start a Money Goal?

In order to start a Money Goal, you must first start a Money Account. You can start one here.

There are three ways to fund your Money Goal.
  • Round up your purchases made with your CapWay Money Account to the nearest dollar. The change goes into your Money Goal Account.
  • Transfer funds over from your CapWay Money Account
  • Receive financial contributions from others via HUMAN$
Do I have to have a Money Account in order to contribute funds to someone's Money Goal?

No, you do not. Anyone can contribute to a Money Goal via HUMAN$.

Is my Money Goal always in the HUMAN$ community?

No. You can choose to make your Money Goal public or private. Your Money Goal is only available in HUMAN$ if you decide to make it public.

Are there any fees associated with my Money Goals?

There are no fees if you are saving towards your Money Goal privately. However, if you decide to use HUMAN$, there is a transaction fee per contribution. Each person can choose to pay the fee in addition to the money they are contributing or have it deducted from the funds they are contributing. You can view more details regarding fees here.

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1. For Money Account holders with a negative balance, the CapWay debit card will go into freeze until funds are deposited to bring account back to current. See terms and conditions

2. Sending or receiving money from other CapWay account holders will be instant. Transfers from other accounts could take up to 48 hours, depending on the financial institution.

3. Early access to funds requires direct deposit. Early payment is not guaranteed and is dependent on the timing of payer's submission of deposits. We generally post such deposits on the day they are received which may be up to 2 days earlier than the payer's scheduled payment date.

4. Money Goals allows account holders to save money towards financial goals created within the CapWay platform. Funds can be transferred from your Money Account or saved through the rounding up of your transactions from purchases.

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