7 Ideas for Holiday Gifts to Give an Entrepreneur

Posted by Shaun Morgan in EntrepreneurshipDecember 13, 2021(Last Updated November 30, 2022)4 min read
Key Takeaways
  • This holiday season, think about giving an entrepreneur a gift that will help their business grow.
  • For entrepreneurs to utilize a gift, it is best if it is relevant and timely to their current venture.
  • There are options to give physical or digital products, depending on the person's wants and needs.
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When you think of gift-giving, you probably think of giving things to family and friends to make them happy in their personal lives. However, many of us also have a person in our life who is also an entrepreneur. So this holiday season, think about giving the entrepreneur in your life a gift that will help them grow their business.


Entrepreneurs Deserve and Need Gifts that Expand Their Business 

If you're not an entrepreneur, it may be hard to wrap your mind around how and why entrepreneurs think the way they do. While many everyday workers are counting down the hours until their shift ends, an entrepreneur is usually working around the clock to make their business a success. Since their business is essentially their life, giving a gift that is either directly related to their entrepreneurial journey or a healthy distraction when they feel overworked can be a wonderful gift.


Image Credit: Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.com


While the average person might want a new toy or gadget for Christmas, entrepreneurs will find just as much joy in something that will help build their business. That is because the bottom line for numerous entrepreneurs is making a viable income stream.


Holiday Gifts for Entrepreneurs


There is a wide range of gifts that can help entrepreneurs in various places in their journey. The gift options below will help you choose the best gift for the entrepreneur in your life.


1) Business or Online Financial Courses


Most entrepreneurs crave learning more about improving all facets of their business. Whether it’s becoming a better leader, making the best product for the market, or learning how to make multiple income streams. An entrepreneur may not tell you about the learning process, but they are always trying to discover the next thing that will give their business the edge it needs to grow. 


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Business or online financial courses come into play to help guide an entrepreneur’s learning process. There is probably an online course that your entrepreneur recipient has been eyeing but just hasn’t pulled the trigger to buy it yet. 


Gifting them a "coupon" in the form of cash or a check to allow them to purchase that course is a valuable gift. As a result, an entrepreneur's business could grow as they implement what they learn.


2) Licensing Fee or Startup Fee


Starting a business can be challenging and costly. Before an entrepreneur can dive headfirst into building their business, they often need to pay some fees, such as the official filing of the company, licensing, and permitting. 


Depending on the business, buying the proper equipment, in addition to other startup costs, may be necessary. These costs include renting space, hiring an employee, or paying a business structure fee. 


Money Fact:  The three most common business structures for small businesses are sole proprietorship, partnership, and Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). 


 Image Credit: Jelena Zelen / Shutterstock.com


In other words, starting a business costs money. If an entrepreneur is starting a business and the holidays come around, the last thing they want to do is buy gifts and receive trifles. They want capital to keep their business going or investments to pay for their startup costs. Every penny towards their venture will help in the long run.


3) Content Creation Subscription 


Consider purchasing your favorite entrepreneur a subscription that could help with marketing content on social media. Subscriptions can include anything that will help them grow their brand through content like software for design, video editing, and AI-generated articles.


Image Credit: SeventyFour / Shutterstock.com


Talk to your favorite entrepreneur about content creation software they might need to help expand their brand and increase customer contact. 


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4) Wholesale/Vendor List 


If the entrepreneur in your life is running an online business, including an e-commerce site or retail store, they have to purchase their selling items in advance. By buying a drop shipment, wholesaler, or vendor list for your favorite entrepreneur, you can help expand their product base.

The list is crucial in helping entrepreneurs know where to purchase the goods they need to sell. In addition, purchasing a list helps them weed through the hundreds or even thousands of options available to find vetted and established wholesalers/vendors.


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5) Business Books 


Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to grow their businesses, and having knowledge in certain areas is the best way to help. Because of this, many entrepreneurs consume a lot of books—even if they don't like to read. So buying the book on your favorite entrepreneur's mind can be a great way to help them flourish as a business owner.

It can also be incredibly easy to find out what book they are currently interested in by just talking to them. Each book gives the entrepreneur another stone in their business's foundation. Having that advantage will often allow the entrepreneur to grow their business faster and more strategically.


6) Card Reader or Other Equipment 


If you really can't wrap your mind around any of these gift ideas, then maybe you can contribute in some small way by purchasing the equipment they will need to run a successful business. For example, a card reader is easy to buy because most companies require it.


Image Credit: Dragon Images / Shutterstock.com


Find out what equipment they need to get started and go from there. Buying a piece of equipment is a nice physical gift that also shows your support for them. Naturally, this benefits them because they need less capital to get started.


7) CRM (Client Relationship Management) 


Every business has clients. Having a system to manage those clients, known as Client Relationship Management or CRM, is a tremendous help to any entrepreneur because it helps to keep things organized. A disorganized business is much less likely to meet customer needs and, therefore, is more likely to have issues or even fail.


If you want to contribute something super meaningful that your entrepreneur may have overlooked or ignored because they don't need it to get started, do them a favor and buy a CRM.


The Money Wrap-Up

Regardless of what you purchase for your favorite entrepreneur, they will appreciate your thinking of their business and the support.

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