Black History Month: Finance Edition with Nadia Vanderhall

Posted by Nailah Herbert in Black EconomicsFebruary 21, 2020(Last Updated December 29, 2022)2 min read
Key Takeaways
  • Nadia Vanderhall is the founder of The Brands + Band$ Strategy Group.
  • Check out Nadia Vanderhall's answers to our Black History Month finance questions below.
Are you ready to make some real money moves?

Black History Month is a celebration for African-Americans who have paved or are paving the way for future generations. We collaborated with several finance influencers who are making a difference throughout their community and beyond. We asked those same influencers to share their thoughts about generational wealth, legacy building, the Black dollar, and more. 


Nadia Vanderhall is the founder of The Brands + Band$ Strategy Group. She is an expert marketer who merged her love for digital marketing and money to create a culturally-driven hub to impact change for both individuals and companies. Vanderhall’s platform The Brands + Band$ Strategy Group helps businesses and corporations share realistic and useful content while using her money strategies to educate how millennials handle their money.


Check out Nadia Vanderhall's answers to our Black History Month finance questions below.


Q1: What is the significance of the Black dollar to you?


The Black dollar is significant to me for two reasons: The wealth gap and entrepreneurship. On the gap aspect, seeing how much we have accomplished and still have a major gap compared to other cultures makes me want to show 'us' more about wealth. For the entrepreneur side, the influx of black businesses has nearly tripled over the last 30 years. Our culture has seen the wealth gap and took a step to snatch it on its own terms! Intriguing and empowering at the same time! 


Q2: What does a financial legacy look like for you?


Financial legacy looks differently now vs. back when I was fresh out of college. While I would love (and expect) for my legacy to be filled with income streams and padded accounts for generational wealth, I don't want those expectations to only reflect within my own lineage. The legacy I envision would be for all People of Color, especially African Americans, to fully understand wealth, obtain wealth, and share it with generations to come. Our ancestors desired the 40 acres and a mule, and we can take our man plus mind power to build bigger compounds.


Q3: How are you working toward building generational wealth for your family?


As a nerd and lifelong learner, I am consistently studying what others within our cultures and other cultures are doing to see how I can align within my own trek. From plans like becoming an accredited investor to modeling wealth (internal and external) - I want my actions to be appreciated and acquired by my family. People know what they see, and that's what I strive to be.


Q4: Share lyrics that speak to your financial philosophy.


"Momma ain't raised no fool, put me anywhere on God's green earth, I'll triple my worth" -Jay-Z, “U Don’t Know”


Q5: What is the biggest financial lesson that you have learned?


To stop trying to be the Jones' and invest in the Dow Jones! Also, to look for more ways than one to have money flowing into my life consistently.


To learn more about Nadia Vanderhall, visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

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