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Health Insurance Options for College Students

All college students should have health insurance. In case you have a medical emergency, you don’t want to be stuck paying a ton of bills. Your college or university typically provides health insurance and a health facility (for non-life-threatening concerns), and even 2-year colleges offer medical plans.

by Nailah Herbert
Sign Up For ACA Health Insurance Plans

You can officially sign up for a healthcare plan through the Affordable Care Act healthcare exchange (also known as ObamaCare). Open enrollment starts November 1 and lasts through December 15, 2022. If you select a plan in time, then your health coverage will begin on January 1.

by CapWay
5 FAFSA Myths

Understanding the financial aid process can be confusing. Therefore, we are debunking 5 common FAFSA myths. ​

by CapWay
3 FAFSA Resources

A mistake on the FAFSA can lead to a lot of frustration and can result in you missing out on much needed financial aid. Save yourself the headache and get your FAFSA questions answered before you apply.

by CapWay
Will Your Refund Check Come Back to Haunt You?

In some situations, your college may give you a refund check. With hundreds or thousands of dollars at your disposal, you're thinking about (or maybe already know) how you're getting ready to use the money.

by CapWay
Student Discounts Are Worth Using. Here's Why.

Stores are willing to give you a discount simply because you are a student. Cash in now and you will save a ton of money later. We've created a list of stores that offer student discounts.

by Nailah Herbert
How to Save Money on College Textbooks

With the beginning of the school year right around the corner, many students will be looking to acquire their course materials from the campus bookstore. On average, college students spent $415 during the 2018-2019 school year. Below are eight ways a college student can save money on textbooks for the upcoming school year.

by Nailah Herbert
College Resources Every College Student Should Use

The transition from high school to college can be a challenging time. College resources are available to help you eliminate the overwhelming feeling you may experience. Some resources include the student account, financial aid, and registrar's offices.

by Nailah Herbert
Getting Ahead When Your Family Isn't Wealthy

For some, instead of generational wealth, we are relying on trial and error when making financial decisions, breaking generational curses, and working to achieve financial freedom.

by CapWay
Best Way to Handle Student Loans

Student loans can become a college graduate's worst nightmare. If possible, do not borrow any more money than you absolutely need. Why? Those refund checks are not free money.

by CapWay
3 Hacks to Help You Get Ahead on Any Budget

For many, parents could provide support in all other ways but financially. It can be overwhelming to think about the opportunities that may be lost because you don’t have access to money. Here are three techniques to help you get ahead financially.

by Kathrina St Flavin
Top Gift Ideas for College Students

If you know a college student and you want to help them adjust to college life while excelling in their college career, here are some of the best types of gifts to give this holiday season and beyond.

by CapWay
Finding a Job After College

Finding a job can be tough after graduating college. Once you graduate, you figure, "Hey, I have a degree! Who wouldn't want to hire me?" Here are four tips on your approach to finding your first job as a college graduate.

by CapWay
Finding Your First Home After College

For many, the two things that most recent graduates focus on right after college are finding a place to live and finding a job. Here are three steps that can help in landing your first place after graduation.

by CapWay
How to Invest and Build Wealth Without College

Parents have traditionally encouraged kids to attend college due to a long-standing belief that a college degree would improve the chances of landing a high-paying job and beginning wealth building. However, nowadays, college is not a requirement for building wealth.

by CapWay

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