Three Different Ways to Split Rent When Living with Others

Posted by CapWay in HousingNovember 18, 2022(Last Updated November 18, 2022)3 min read
Key Takeaways
  • Living with others is a great way to save money on rent and other expenses. 
  • When it comes to renting, it is crucial to split the costs evenly to make it fair for all parties.
  • By splitting your rent, you reduce your monthly expenses, allowing you to improve your financial situation.
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For many Americans, rent or mortgage payments are their largest annual expense. When living with roommates or significant other, dividing rent payments is a smart financial decision. Splitting rent with roommates allows you to have a better financial situation since a lower portion of your income will be used for paying rent. One of the issues arising from splitting rent is determining a way to separate the costs. Below are three different ways you can evenly split the bills.

Based on Income


The first method to split rent with roommates is to base it on your monthly income. You divide your monthly earnings by the total household monthly income to get a percentage. This value will determine the percentage of rent you will have to pay.

For example, if your rent is $2,000 and you bring in 55% of the total monthly income, including your roommate’s, then you will pay $1,100, and they will pay $900. Splitting rent by income makes it fair for both parties since both of you will be paying an amount that you can comfortably afford. The person with the higher income will take on a larger share of the rent, and the person with the lower income will take on the remaining amount.


Split 50/50


Another way to split the total rent is by committing to a 50/50 approach. Instead of determining how much each person should pay, you can choose to split everything in half. Splitting it in half makes it easier for each party to track how much you owe each month. 


split rent

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Dividing Square Footage

The final way to split the rent is by dividing the square footage based on how much space is used per occupant. For example, if you live in a two-bedroom apartment and have access to a private bathroom while your roommate does not, that is a perk that suits only you, meaning you are responsible for paying that portion of the rent. Other perks can include a private bathroom, balcony, and any extra benefit your roommate cannot access.

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The total square footage captured from these private spaces must be factored in when calculating your portion of the monthly rent. The room size of any sections accessible to only you is divided by the total size of your living accommodation. The calculated value is the percentage of the square footage that is exclusive to you and which you must pay for.

In addition, you should add the square footage of common spaces like the living room or kitchen. Since both of you use these spaces, 50% should be allocated to your respective shares, which will accurately calculate how much rent you owe based on the square footage you actively use.

Using a Rent Calculator

You can use a rent-splitting calculator if you want to avoid figuring out these values with a pen and paper. Using a rent-splitting calculator may be beneficial as it saves time and reduces the possibility of human error.


person using calculator

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Many websites split the rent according to various factors, such as the number of roommates per household. If you wish to use one, some websites include Splitwise and PayRent. 


The Money Wrap-Up

The overhead living costs, including rent payments, will be lower if you choose to get a roommate. Money conversations are essential to ensure everyone is satisfied with the agreed-upon living arrangement. Therefore, determining a fair method to pay for these common expenses should be implemented and used until the end of the lease agreement. 


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